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2018-09-11   印际

Conrad建筑事务所由Paul Conrad创立,是墨尔本一家精品建筑和室内设计公司,致力于提供标志性和永恒的独特设计解决方案,以回应当代生活。

Established by Paul Conrad, Conrad Architects is a boutique architectural and interior design practice committed to delivering distinctive design solutions that are iconic and timeless.,that respond to contemporary living.

Paul Conrad曾在Woods Bagot,HOK London和Hassell的工作过,以精致优雅的住宅建造而闻名,这些住宅体现了他对建筑悠久传统的尊重。

With a career established at Woods Bagot, HOK London and Hassell, Paul is celebrated for an exacting approach to the creation of refined, elegant residences that demonstrate his respect for the long tradition of architecture.

Paul Conrad相信建筑和室内设计的力量可以改善我们的生活和我们生活的城市。在以当代城市设计的价值观为基础的同时,该实践因其对空间,光线和比例的权威建筑原则的承诺而受到赞誉。

Conrad Architects believes in the power of architecture and interior design to enhance our lives and the cities in which we live.While grounded in the values of contemporary urban design, the practice is celebrated for its commitment to the definitive architectural principles of space, light and proportion.

Paul Conrad严格的方法的结果是创造优雅,精致的住宅,结合了经典建筑的特点与现代和尊贵的美学。以卓越的品质定义,每个项目都是独立的,并通过设计理念进行统一,旨在通过建筑和室内设计卓越创造持久的影响。

The result of this exacting approach is the creation of elegant, refined residences that marry characteristics of classic architecture with an aesthetic that is at once contemporary and distinguished.Defined by outstanding quality, each project is approached independently yet unified by a design philosophy that seeks to create a lasting impact through architectural and interior design excellence.

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